Sunday, May 27, 2018

Transporting Your Cherished Vehicle and Worried About Its Safety? Then Use Covered Car Transport!

When you need to transport a car, there are plenty of options available. But if you need to ensure your classic or prestige vehicle arrives at its destination in exactly the same condition as when you handed it over, you can't risk using anything other than fully covered or enclosed car transport.
Covered Car Transport gives you maximum protection. Open vehicle transport means your vehicle will arrive with a layer of dust and grime picked up en route. It will also have been exposed to the weather, which can be anything from harsh sunlight to blizzards. Even worse, there's a danger of stone chips, scratches from trees, and other accidental bumps and scrapes.  
Enclosed vehicle transport gives you maximum security. Rare or high value vehicles are prime targets for thieves. They also attract the attention of vandals. Open transport puts your vehicle on public display. Nobody can see, or touch, what is inside enclosed car transport.
Enclosed Car Transport gives you maximum privacy. Sometimes, privacy is more than just about not wanting curious bystanders to know what you are doing. If you are moving prototype or pre-launch vehicles your business can be seriously damaged if competitors catch a glimpse. Vehicles being used in film or photo shoots might be subject to confidentiality clauses, so the last thing you need is for them to be spotted by the paparazzi. Arranging for your vehicles to be discreetly loaded onto covered car transport at your premises will keep your secrets until you choose to reveal them.      
Covered Vehicle Transport gives you maximum efficiency. When it's important to be able to use your vehicle as soon as it arrives at its destination, using covered transportation eliminates the need to spend precious time on cleaning and checking for damage. If your car was immaculate when it left, that is how it will arrive.   
Covered Car Transport gives you maximum peace of mind. If you have ever watched your cherished vehicle being taken away on open transport, and then waited anxiously to find out if it arrived safely, you will certainly appreciate this last advantage!
Daniel Shreeve is the Managing Director of Advatec, a UK based prestige vehicle transport company that provides supreme quality door to door covered vehicle transportation to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and a whole host of other European destinations. For more information visit

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