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What's The Best Choice In Buying Your New Car? (covered car transport)

covered car transport
By: Shaun Patrick Davidson

Believe it or not, leasing has been around for many years. Unfortunately, most of us that have once leased, have taken the bitter pill and have written off the idea for a lease for future purchases. Back in the hay day, leases were brutal. When the term was over, we were stuck with having to pay the balloon payment or residual. This was known as the dastardly open ended lease. And aside from all that mess, we might of had to pay for wear and tear on the tires, paint, fabric and so on. It all came out of no where and it made us feel like tackling the bank manager into the grass pit. It's no wonder, leases have been met with such criticism as of late.

Today, there is no such thing as that open lease, which brought much needed aire to those lease faithfuls. There is no such thing as an interest rate, it's more or less called a money factor. You would only literally pay for the time that you do own the car. And you would only pay sales tax on the payment, not on the whole amount of the purchase price of the car. Whew...what a relief, right? It makes getting into a newer body style/model that much easier, you wouldn't need to keep investing the cash to pay for a five year old car or maintain it much less.

What other great stuff should you know. A lease allows you to get a much nicer/expensive car for less payment. Additionally, the lease keeps more of your hard earned money in the bank, less you have to put down when you buy. There is a mileage restriction however, but you can easily get a 20,000 miles a year lease, which is more than suitable for most. Secondly, you can usually lease in terms of 2, 3, 4, 5 years to change the payment. In conclusion, a lease is very much a flexible payment plan, eliminates some of the hassles of negotiating rate and price of the car.

So what's the negative, well it's not that bad. At the end of the lease, you have a number of options available to you. Just try not to trade your car in six months after you buy it. You can give the keys back, trade in your car, or simply just sell it. You're not obligated to any negative equity on a lease when your term is up. Just make sure that the tires in good shape, there's no dents bigger than a silver dollar, and no crack in the windshield. As you can see, a lease is very easy to jump into without too many pitfalls. And it allows you to get the best new models every couple years.

Well I hope you took a couple of important things away from this comparison. If you missed out on the finance portion here's that link to my other blog:

Shaun Davidson is an Automotive and Finance Consultant in the San Francisco Bay area for over 7 years. Keeping the consumer aware and informed on finance, car reviews, and help keeping more money in your pocket by giving you the methods and strategies.-2008
covered car transport

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Types of Car Transport Services (covered car transport)

Covered Car Transport

By: Thomas Morva

Car transport companies offer a wide selection of services to the discerning customer. Whether you're shipping a million dollar exotic car, a flawless classic an antique auto or a standard family car you can always count on finding the right car transport company with an auto carrier package designed to fit your needs and budget.

Additionally the availability of international services has never been better. It is advisable to decide before you investigate car transport companies what type of services you are looking for. Some of the most common types of service are door-to-door car transport, terminal-to-terminal transport, special car mover, delivery to a specified location, storage needs, and tracking your vehicle. In addition, many car transport companies offer worldwide vehicle transportation solutions to individuals. These businesses specialize in reliable, efficient service with frequent departures from major U.S. ports. Most companies will provide you with an experienced customer service representative to make certain the careful transport of your car overseas.

You can also request a covered transport; this will shield your car from inclement weather and other hazards of the road. Cost depends on distance, mode of transport and time of delivery, some car transport companies will deliver within several days of your arrival date other with a few weeks. The car transport company should warn you of possible delays ahead of time, this is a standard service.

If you need a specific date for pick-up, most vehicle transport services can pick-up your car and hold it at a secure location for an additional charge. Some auto transport companies may provide this service free of charge. Your car transport company should provide you with a reasonably precise delivery date. Check to see if there any fees to cancel, and reimbursement for rental car.

Your car should be insured against destruction of any kind. Get a copy of the transport company’s insurance coverage and establish how their insurance works with your insurance. In addition, learn if there is any kind of deductible.

Car storage is a service worthy of mention as there is a wide range of prices and locations for car storage; a protected facility with a guarantee a safe storage area warehouse is optimal. Further, many car transport companies will offer various tracking services such as state of the art satellite tracking and cellular phones to keep apprised of your vehicle’s condition throughout the car’s journey. Just knowing the basic facts about car transport will make finding the right car transport company a guaranteed success.

Car Transport Info provides detailed information about car transport services and trailers, as well as advice on locating an cheap, domestic and international car transport company for your standard, classic, or exotic car. Car Transport Info is affiliated with Original Content.

Covered Car Transport

Car Shipping - Auto Transport Nationwide (covered car transport)

Covered Car Transport

By: Patrick Jacotin

Car transport has become a very popular mode of moving in the new millennium. With professionals and families been moved by their jobs and or for a better life, they look forward to car transport companies to handle their vehicle transport. Car transport companies can be accessed by a car shipping broker to insure that their vehicle is shipped in a timely manner. There are many forms of transport a company uses to ship your car. Transport carriers usually uses a 3 to 10 car carrier truck. All transport company carries insurance, licensing by the D.O.T (Department of Transportation) and the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Always, make sure that whichever car transport company you use, ask lots of questions. Car transport saves you time, hassle, and piece of mind. Simply Get a Free Quote online.

Whichever auto transport company you choose make sure you ask lots of questions regarding the shipping of your car. Most auto transport companies will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you feel that your questions are not answered, choose another company.

When you have a lot of choices selecting who should move your vehicle, you want a company with the experience and know how to manage your vehicle shipment at the right price. You want an auto transport company who can deliver nationwide and have the safety of your vehicle as their primary concern. There are over 3000 fleet of drivers nationwide available to transport your vehicle. You can always do a search on Google for auto transport and you will wide a variety of choices.

If you are looking for a reliable auto transport company nationwide, I recommend Total Car Shipping LLC. They have a group of professionals to handle all your auto transport needs worldwide.

Covered Car Transport

Risk-Free Car Shipping With Your Car Transport Company (covered car transport)

Covered Car Transport

By: Susan Chen

Parting with something valuable or expensive is not the easiest for anyone, and if this thing happens to be recently purchased your dream car, that anxiety can be even more intolerable.

To make matters worse, if you happen to be relocating, or you purchased your vehicle in another state other than your own, you would actually have to entrust certain foreign certain services or transfer back to your car you.

To recover your beloved car, you must make sure to use the services of a contractor and auto insurance transport company that specializes in transporting cars. Doing thorough research on the different car transport and service companies before deciding on a desire to minimise the risk of any accident or damage to your car:

* As in any other industry, the transportation industry automobile is marked by a multitude of prices and multiple transportation options automobile. Your first task is to choose the right type of motor transport. Depending on the value of your car and how badly you want to lessen the risk of injury, you have a choice of a place closed, open or covered with fabric auto carrier ship your car. The type of trailer covered carriers are definitely the safest and most expensive options. If you have a tight budget, you might consider carrying your car on the multi-transport layer used by the automobile dealers. As your car will be just one of many cars of all their cargo, they will charge you less, but your car will always be protected during transport, however.

* You must also decide whether to go to the business of transporting a car or a car transport broker. A car transportation broker in general does not have its own trailer while a transport company does cars. The broker has to make arrangements with the largest car transport services for the transport of your car on their trucks. Brokers generally require a filing, while the rest of the car transport payment is made, the safe delivery of your car, the car transport service actually shipped your car.

* Insurance is a must if you plan to move your car for a long distance. Generally, it is your own auto insurance covers the car, but sometimes the car transport companies offer a package in which the insurance costs are included. In all cases, be clear on what is covered by insurance and what is not.

* It is safer to deal with an automobile transport company which provides satellite tracking. Most major transport companies offer this service for free. Keep a tab on the road and the move helps keep you informed at every stage of the shipping process during the car, and the assurance that your car you arrive at the house safely.

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Covered Car Transport